意外とウィスキーのホット割りがオイシイ!(Surprisingly whisky with Hot Water is good!)


When it is cold, whiskey with hot water is good. Whisky with too hot warter is matching spicy side dish. On the other hand, when whisky with warm hot water is matching light taste side dish. Whiskey hot splitting is 2:1 or 3:1. it is recommended hot water that has a large percentage.


しらすを伝統的な日本料理のおかずに変える方法。(How to change boiled whitebait to a traditional Japanese course side dish.)


A bonito is perfect for boiled whitebait, but if you eat mixed with mentaiko or tarako to boiled whitebait, you can enjoy a pretty rich texture. It is as if to change from home cooking to a traditional Japanese course side dish.


八宝菜に合う白菜以外の野菜は?(What are the vegetable other than Chinese cabbage that matches happosai?)


Chinese cabbage is a standard for happosai, but it is surprised because it also fits broccoli unexpectedly. You can enjoy the broccoli of the taste soak [sink] into .


サラミに合う和風のぴったりな惣菜は?(What is Japanese style dish suitable for salami?)


Salami and cheese are fits combinations of Western style snacks, but the salami and yuzu flavored fried chicken is delicious as a Japanese style snack.


ミルクティーをいっそうおいしく飲むには?(How to taste better milk tea?)


Instead of milk, put coconut milk in tea, you feel relaxed. Deep flavor, and mellow harmony are pleased!


スモークベーコンに合うドレッシングは?(How Dressing that fits smoked bacon?)


Smoked bacon with lettuce or sliced ​​onion fits surprisingly to the dressing of perilla leaves. It is a side dish that it looks to both Japanese or Western style just by changing the plate.


定番のサンドイッチをさらにグレードアップするには?(How to eat a classic sandwich even more?)


Ham and cheese are classic in sandwich bread. But, it is strange that it will be changed to a sandwich up very well taste by putting ham and cheese in white soft French bread.


塩味の効いたピーナッツにあう飲み物は?(What's the drink that fits the salty peanuts?)


Salty peanuts are unstoppable taste. To suppress the salt content, to drink whisky with a lot of water split and larger ice is recommended.


牡蠣フライを温めておいしく食べる方法は?(How to warm oyster fry and eat deliciously?)


Chilled over time  warm the oyster fry a little hot with a range. After that, it is delicious with feeling  soft and fluffy when you eat after 10 minutes. It is a wonder that it turns into a soft taste carefully finished.


バジルの葉は大人可愛いナポリタンを演出(Basil leaves arrange adult cute napolitan)


I use Tabasco and  put on more Ketchup to Napolitan , just arrange the basil leaves into a restaurant style! Changes quickly to adult cute pasta. Potato salad is recommended for side dish.


玉ねぎスライスは、惣菜を盛り立てる野菜スパイス(Onions slice is a vegetable spice that to version upgrade side dishes)


To onions slices, topping with Bonito flakes, you can make Japanese side dishes. If onion slices are served with smoked salmon, it will be western style at once. Sliced ​​and stocked, you will be ready for  side dishes soon.

意外とウィスキーのホット割りがオイシイ!(Surprisingly whisky with Hot Water is good!)

肌寒いときは、ウィスキーのホット割りがとてもオイシイ。熱いお湯割りだとスパイシーな惣菜が合います。温めのお湯割りは、薄味の惣菜が合います。ウィスキーのホット割りは、2対1か3対1のお湯が多めの割合がおすすめです。 When it is c...