塩味の効いたピーナッツにあう飲み物は?(What's the drink that fits the salty peanuts?)


Salty peanuts are unstoppable taste. To suppress the salt content, to drink whisky with a lot of water split and larger ice is recommended.


牡蠣フライを温めておいしく食べる方法は?(How to warm oyster fry and eat deliciously?)


Chilled over time  warm the oyster fry a little hot with a range. After that, it is delicious with feeling  soft and fluffy when you eat after 10 minutes. It is a wonder that it turns into a soft taste carefully finished.


バジルの葉は大人可愛いナポリタンを演出(Basil leaves arrange adult cute napolitan)


I use Tabasco and  put on more Ketchup to Napolitan , just arrange the basil leaves into a restaurant style! Changes quickly to adult cute pasta. Potato salad is recommended for side dish.


玉ねぎスライスは、惣菜を盛り立てる野菜スパイス(Onions slice is a vegetable spice that to version upgrade side dishes)


To onions slices, topping with Bonito flakes, you can make Japanese side dishes. If onion slices are served with smoked salmon, it will be western style at once. Sliced ​​and stocked, you will be ready for  side dishes soon.


サラミは斜め切りにするだけでもおいしさアップ。そしてさらにおいしさをアップするには?(Salami is delicious when it is cut diagonally. And to further improve the taste?)


It is delicious if Salami is sliced ​​diagonally from a straight slice. I think that it is because the area ratio of the juicy texture just sliced ​​increases. When you eat with cheese, the taste further increases.


普通のトーストをカフェ風にして食べるには?(How to eat regular toast as a cafe style?)


Just spread margarine to toast, ham, sliced ​​onion, lettuce even just cafe feeling. It is the best to cut sandwiches obliquely with plenty of pepper and mayonnaise.


ローストビーフをさっぱりした和風仕立てに食べる方法(How to eat roast beef in a refreshing Japanese style)


To dress with roast beef in Japanese style, you can enjoy a different taste from the standard classic roast beef by applying dressing with yuzu. The refreshing flavor will go up.


和食とビールのあとに、雑炊を食べるとオイシイ?(After Japanese food and beer, zousui is very tasty?)


zousui[japanease risotto] of After Japanese food and beer is exquisite taste. I feel satisfied with my appetite, especially when putting salty smoked salmon to zousui. Finally, if you put three-leaf, you can enjoy it even further!


いつもの酢豚にハチミツを加えると?(What if you add honey to usual sweet and sour pork(subuta)?)


If you add honey as a hidden taste You can enjoy sweet and sour pork(subuta) with a different taste. On the oher hand, if you add a little bit soy sauce as a hidden taste, It can be convinced to the taste that the taste of a hard spirit is transmitted to the details.


甘酒がないときの甘酒風味の作り方!(How to make a sweet sake(amazake)flavor when there is no sweet sake!)


Add hot water to sugar mixed with caramel, add ginger powder. It looks amber. And strange that it misunderstood that it is drinking a as if sweet sake as well. However, here Rice koji are different kinds of sweet taste drink.


砂糖入りミルクティーにジンジャーパウダーを入れると?(If you put ginger powder in a milk tea with sugar?)


If you put ginger powder in a milk tea with sugar, you can enjoy sweet and plump ginger tea. on the one hand, When ginger powder is too much, it turns into spicy ginger tea with no sweetness and surprised! Taste it according to your preference.


ライ麦パンとぎっしり詰まった野菜たち(Rye bread and full of vegetables tightly.)


Rye bread and full of vegetables, For example carrots, purple cabbage and tomato slice is perfect for sandwhich . If you are with lemon tea you can enjoy nice harmony.

しょうゆ味、ガーリック味のから揚げがおいしくない時?(When soy sauce or garlic flavored fried chicken is not delicious?)

しょうゆ味、ガーリック味のから揚げが美味しくない時は、中濃ソースをかけると口の中でおいしさがアップするから不思議。味の変化を堪能できるかも!? When soy sauce flavor and garlic flavor are not delicious, it is st...